Automotive Test Equipment

ISO 11452 Current Injection Probe CIP 9136

◎Current Injection Probe 10 kHz - 400 MHz
◎Wide frequency range 10 kHz - 400 MHz
◎High power handling (up to 1 kW)
◎Ideal for automotive BCI testing e.g. ISO 11452-4, RTCA/DO-160 section 20, MIL-STD-461 and manufacture‘s requirements
◎Meets IEC/EN 61000-4-6

ISO 11452 Calibration Jig PCJ 9201

Calibration Jig for Current Probes
◎ Calibration fixture
◎ Compliance with ISO 11452-4, RTCA/DO-160 section 20, MIL-STD-461 and IEC/EN 61000-4-6
◎ Solid design
Enhance VSWR to 400 MHz

long wire antenna RAD 6000

◎Ferrite tube
◎50 cm long wire antenna
◎According Annex J of CISPR 25 edition 4
◎Frequency range 30 MHz to 1 GHz
◎N sockets

PA 5740

◎Power Amplifier/Battery Simulator
◎Capacitive stability mode
◎High bandwidth up to 180 kHz
◎Fast slew rate
◎Ideal for use as synchronized auxiliary channels required by various EMC standards
◎Two gain settings for universal use

Stripline SL 50

◎EMC testing of automotive components against RF field immunity
◎150mm stripline, 50 ohm impedance
◎Meet the requirements of ISO 11452-5 and EU Directive 95/94
◎Effective power conversion can obtain higher field strength with minimum power
◎Input power up to 1kW

Power Amplifier/Battery Simulator PA 5840

◎Power Amplifier/Battery Simulator
◎Large inrush current capability
◎Capacitive stability mode
◎High bandwidth up to 150 kHz
◎Fast slew rate
◎Two output ranges for power efficiency

Strip Line SL 90

Strip Line 90 Ω

EMC tests for vehicle components immunity to RF fields

Conformity with the requirements of ISO 11452-5

Efficient power conversion provides high field with minimum power

ISO 7637-2 Automotive Emissions System AES 5501

◎Automotive Emissions System for ISO 7637-2
◎The only complete, compliant solution for ISO 7637-2 emissions testing
◎Clean, reliable 100 A operation with very low voltage drop
◎Industry standard relay footprint for a wide selection of relays (one 100 A relay included)
◎Separate control station with automatic, manual or external triggering of the switching behavior

Automotive Transient Immunity Test System NSG 5500

◎Automotive Transient Immunity Tests
◎Clean, compliant pulses on the single output
◎Built-in 100 A coupler/battery switch
◎All common international and vehicle manufacturer standard transients achieved in one compact solution