• ZES ZIMMER LMG450 4 Channel Power Analyzer
  • ZES ZIMMER LMG450 4 Channel Power Analyzer

ZES ZIMMER LMG450 4 Channel Power Analyzer

Model : LMG450 4 Channel Power Analyzer

4 Channel Power Analyzer LMG450

with printer and RS232-interface, CE-harmonic analysis (U,I DC till 40.) in pre-compliance, bench-type instrument in compact case,
best accuracy 0,11%, DC, 1Hz....20kHz

Measuring Ranges:

Direct voltage

6 / 12,5 / 25 / 60 / 130 / 250 / 400 / 600Vtrms ; 1600Vpk

Voltage sensor input

0,12 / 0,25 / 0,5 / 1 / 2 / 4Vtrms ; 8Vpk

Direct current

0,6 / 1,2 / 2,5 / 5 / 10 / 16Atrms ; 60Apk

Standard Accessories:

16 safety laboratory leads

Power supply cord

LMG-CONTROL-BASIC datatransfer- and visualization software on enclosed CD



Measurements on three-phase motors and drives, power supplies with multiple in/outputs, transformer efficiency and vector groups, easy and accurately power measuring in switchgears, universal meter for power electronic and energy analysis.

Four independent current and voltage channels

Isolated measurement inputs with extremely low capacitance and highest dynamics CMR and interference immunity

Absolutely gap-free measuring process

Harmonic and interharmonic analysis up to 99th harmonic resp. up to 99 interharmonics

Analog and digital in/outputs

Additional inputs for current sensors

Auto-scaling current sensors compensated in phase and amplitude

PC interfaces, memory-card slot, floppy drive

Graphical colour display to show 4 to 8 measured values, wave form, diagrams of calculated values, bar charts and vector diagrams (fresnel diagrams)

Ergonomic user friendly interface

Formula editor

LabVIEW driver

Conversion from phase to phase in the phase voltages and determination of the active power

For a 3-phase 3-wire system only the phase voltages U12, U23, U31 and the phase currents I1, I2, I3 are amenable to measurement. With the help of star-delta conversionline, voltages can be determined in the inaccessible phase voltages, converted into the associated active powers. In analogy, the phase currents can be converted into the "chained" currents. From the values thus calculated, all other variables, e.g. harmonics, are derived. Distortions and asymmetries of power and consumers are considered correctly. The use of an external artificial neutral point is thus superfluous, but such can be connected, if required, at any time, in case the associated disadvantages (e.g. increased power dissipation) are accepted.

Star Delta Conversion

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