Measuring Equipment | VEGINEAN TECHNOLOGY is Taiwan's Professional Agent and Sales Testing Equipment Company

VEGINEAN TECHNOLOGYCo., Ltd., mainly engaged in agent and sales testing equipment, with professional technology as the core, focus on precision electronic measurement equipment sales, and provide customers with professional measurement recommendations, improve the accuracy of measurement, and then improve the quality of products as the main objective.

Only true Technology Co., Ltd. equipment lineup, including electrical and electronic testing equipment, microwave communication testing equipment, EMC Emi afety testing equipment, materials analysis and testing equipment, automated testing equipments, such as hundreds of of products, and provide a variety of electronic measurement solutions company.

Only true Technology Co., Ltd. based on human-centered, and to professional, service, innovation for the business philosophy, accumulated years of measurement experience, committed to enhance customer and their own competitiveness, the future will be sustainable brand management, will only true Technology Co., Ltd. to build as the most reliable, most trustworthy partner, and strive to create the highest value for customers.

Main Business

Power Electronic test instrument:

oscilloscope, signal generator, digital ammeter, AC/DC power supply, AC/DC electronic load, Logic Analyzer, Power Analyzer and related power electronic test accessories.

Microwave Communication test instrument:

Network analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, variable signal generator, RF power meter, Digital TV analyzer, Audio Analyzer.

EMC Emi afety test instrument:

EMI receiver, single/three-phase power supply impedance network, all kinds of emission measurement antenna, electrostatic/power noise/lightning strike/power supply transients/RF interference/conduction interference of various types of simulation generator, power harmonic scintillation Analyzer, click Analyzer, near-field countermeasures, such as team.

Material analysis and Testing instrument:

LCR Meter, impedance analyzer, thermal instantaneous temperature analyzer, piezoelectric coefficient tester and so on.

Automated test equipment:

Environmental testing equipment, constant temperature and humidity equipment, vibration test equipment, hot and cold impact testing machine.

Automated test System:

Fully functional automatic power supply test system, fully functional battery charging and discharging test system.