Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test systems for emissions and immunity testing; conducted and radiated EMC test equipment with a comprehensive product offering and extensive geographic coverage; MILMEGA and IFI power amplifiers.

NH Research, Inc. (NHR) designs and manufactures power electronics test instruments and complete turn-key test systems. Its products are used worldwide by manufacturers in the switching DC power supply, UPS, battery and battery charger industries. Applications typically involve either characterization or final test of customer products where a combination of advanced measurements, rapid test times and ease of setup & use are important. NHR has been in the power electronics test business for over 50 years (more about NHR) and has fully equipped facilities with highly skilled employees in Irvine, California and Shenzhen, China.

ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems GmbH is the sole high-tech company world-wide exclusively dedicated to high-precision power analysis. For more than three decades, power analyzers have been devised, developed, manufactured and sold to customers around the globe from ZES ZIMMER’s corporate headquarter in Oberursel (Frankfurt)/Germany.

ZES ZIMMER's focus lies on broadband single-/three-phase precision power analyzers. The electric and electronics industry uses them in R&D and for quality assurance, test labs employ them to guarantee compliance with standards, and universities rely on them to train future generations of engineers and scientists.

EMCIS established in 1999, is a professional manufacturer heading to TOTAL EMI Solution provider.

From the first day of the company, EMCIS is focusing and concentrating to realizing the real solution in EMI and the related concerns.

Knowing well what difficulties the users are actually and frequently faced in EMI fields, and what the users are really looking for, EMCIS has developed world-first EMI analysis instruments and its related products.

Total EMI solution means not only for the debugging. It should be extended from analyzing the characteristics of noise sources to eliminating the noises and furthermore to clearing off the potential possibilities of noises in future.

To satisfy the users’ needs, EMCIS has lined up Instruments :

    EMI Analyzer, Filter Analyzer, Mini Shield Room, and EMI Filters

    EMI Software

    EMI Solution Consulting

    EMI related accessories, probes, detectors, reference sources, etc.

Approved by years field application in domestic and overseas, EMCIS will introduce the most simple and efficient solution as the users’ 1st name of EMI solution.

KAST, has manufactured various test equipments and systems for coil winding products, electric devices, H. voltage products and electric home appliances since the establish-ments of 1987. At present, 40 kinds of high accurate Test Equipments and Systems are under commercial production, and ranked as first in domestic market share. KAST products have been used in the manufacturing fields more than 2000 relating to motor, transformer, solenoid, car electric parts, nuclear plant, mobile phone and etc.


The high-power microwave and RF amplifier design and manufacturer

MILMEGA is a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of solid state, high-power microwave and RF amplifiers.

The company's core strength lies in the development of broadband Class A amplifiers, typically operating in the 80MHz to 6GHz range with output powers from 10W to above 1kW.

Winners of the prestigious Queen's Award for Innovation in Design, MILMEGA is based on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England, UK. From this location, we have built up a reputation for a flexible and dynamic approach to meeting customer requirements for solid state high-power amplifiers.

MILMEGA is dedicated to take our core technology - solid state power amplification - to help specific segments of the EMC testing, Communications, Science and Defence markets.

IFI has been designing and manufacturing RF Amplifiers, Solid State Amplifiers and Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Amplifiers (pulsed, CW and combination amps) since 1953. Instruments For Industry (IFI) continually advances the development of its low power, medium power, high power (HPA), broadband; solid-state and TWT Amplifier products to offer the broadest range of RF Microwave Amplifiers manufactured by any company in the world!

With woldwide TWTA and Solid-State Amplifier installations, products for both commercial and military applications, IFI continually proves itself as number one in providing the most advanced RF Microwave amplifier transmitter solutions available today.

piezotest.png is the web presence for Piezotest, an electronics company focused on instrumentation products for the piezoelectric and ferroelectric industries. The piezo meter systems shown here test key parameters such as d33, capacitance and dielectric loss. The method is applicable to piezo-ceramics, polymers, composites, thin film and crystalline materials. Customers include materials manufacturers, device manufacturers and research establishments, throughout Europe and worldwide.

MTG Corporation could achieve the highest level of growth rate during a short time for your concern and attention. We believe that this is the result of customer’s continuing love and employers’ efforts.

With accumulated technology, we will provide a higher level of technical service in antenna test facility area, satellite antenna area, military industry antenna area and special purpose antenna area.

Based on the splendid performance we achieved in this area, we set the foundation in this area and are preparing to advance into foreign market. There will be always new and tough challenges but we will overcome those with passion and efforts.

Your trust on us will encourage us to overcome those challenges and we promise to become a company to satisfy various customers’ demand.

E&C Anechoic Chambers is the world leader in development and manufacturing of microwave absorbing materials and anechoic chambers. The production of leading-edge materials and engineered solutions result in the design and manufacturing of custom parts.

We at E&C Anechoic Chambers are committed to continue and further improve the over half-a-century lasting excellence in development and manufacturing of absorber materials for anechoic chambers.

Our focus will remain on the worldwide EMC- and Antenna-Test Site Market.

In joining the Albatross Projects Group we benefit of their project management capabilities, thus concentrating of “cutting edge” absorbers for the Test Site Market.

For more than 40 years, WEETECH has developed and produced test systems for cables, back planes, electronic parts and components. Closely cooperating with our customers during planning, programming and installation of our tailored solutions have let us grown to a competent partner in the fields of cable testing and functional testing.