• Filter Analyzer FA-300

Filter Analyzer FA-300

Model : Filter Analyzer FA-300

The equipment for measuring the EMI filter attenuation characteristics.
Spectrum analysis and monitoring functions built-in.
You can select automatic measurements, and can output the test report.


Frequency Range 9kHz~300MHz
Mode Selector CISPR17, MIL-STD-220B
Analysis Mode L1, L2, CM, DM
Max RF Input Level 130dBuV (23dBm)
Input Dynamic Range 120dB
Input Power AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz,10w
Dimensions(mm) W391  D370  H216
Weight 9.4 kg
Built-in Module Spectrum Analyzer
Auto- Operating
  • Data scanning
  • Inspection Result
  • File Save

FA-300 Key Features

  • Analyzing characteristic of EMI Filter, Inductor and Capacitor
  • Spectrum Analyzer, TG and Filter Analyzer are intigrated in FA-300
  • Measurement satisfied CISPR17 and/or MIL-STD-220B requirement.
  •  Data load/upload/edit function and test report saving.

Configuration for Measuring

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