• EMI Analyzer EA-2100

EMI Analyzer EA-2100

Model : EMI Analyzer EA-2100

  • World-first innovative EMI noise analysis and measuring Instruments

  • Powerful capability to minimize EMI debugging period

  • Maximizing effective EMI filter design and components selection


Frequency Range


Analysis Mode

L1, L2, CM, DM

Signal Input Sensitivity

-97dBm (10dBuV)

Noise Level


Max RF Input Level

110dBuV @0dB Attenuatior

Input Dynamic Range


Input Power

AC100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz


W365 D350 H150


6.6 kg

EA-2100 Characterisitics

  • World-first innovative EMI noise analyzing and measuring instrument.
  • Powerful capability to minmize EMI debugging period.
  • Maximizing effective EMI filter design and compenents selection.

Configuration for measuring

In addition to the traditional L1 and L2 noise analysis, there are common mode and differential mode analysis modes, which can save the time for debug

and tools to help debug

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